citrus labne, cauliflower trio, cashew nuts and nirá

With organic vegetables, mushrooms, lemongrass, kafir lime, ginger , coconut milk and banana.
Served with jasmim rice, apricots and almonds.

squid and white fish stew with banana. Served with coconut rice and and passion fruit crumbs.

in low temperature with baroa ravioli, truffled yogurt, almonds and fresh mint

baroa potato, broccoli, black olives, garlic paste and basil pesto.

Sirloin Steak served with Grilled Season Vegetable with Sicilian Lemon, rosemary flour with organic half cured cheese fonduta

served with coconut vichyssoise in bed of garlic and confit brocoli

with toasted watercress, feta chesse fondant and roasted almonds